Monday, March 2, 2015

February favourites

February might be the shortest month of the year but I have as many makeup obsessions as usual. As you might know, I've decided to start sharing with you my monthly makeup and beauty favourites and february will be no exception. So let's jump right in!

Lise Watier blushes in Natural Glow and Rose Éclat

I haven't been using Lise Watier products for very long but since then, I've fallen head over heels! I've been really impressed with the formula of the blushes from the line. I will usually wear highlighter so I don't want my blush to add even more shine. So those are just perfect with their matte formula and great pigmentation. One thing though I have to say is that the colour selection isn't that great. Natural Glow and Rose Éclat are the only ones I see myself getting.

MAC Soft and Gentle highlighter

Speaking of highlighter, I've found a gem this month. Well, everybody else already knew how great this number is but I've only got around to add it to my collection. As I was saying, I will usually wear highlighter on a daily basis and so I appreciate it's natural finish. Pigmented but natural. A winner!

Smashbox Full exposure mascara 

I might only have a sample size of this product but I'm already in love with it. Honestly, I've always add a hard time finding a mascara I was truly satisfied with. Don't get me wrong, I've tried some good ones out there but nothing that ticked off all the cases. The brush might have a classic shape but it does wonders. Length. Volume. Separation. Everything I'm asking for!

Real Techniques makeup brushes

When I started playing with makeup I went and got the EcoTools brushes. And they are great for beginners! But really the Real Techniques ones are raising the bar. At a very affordable price, their quality is very impressive. The main problem I was having with the EcoTools ones is that they didn't get back to their original softness and didn't apply makeup as well after being washed. With the Real Techniques brushes I don't have to worry as they'll stay fluffy, soft and in the right shape through my weekly wash.

L'Oréal Infallible makeup extender

When I started to noticed that my makeup started to fade after 4 to 5 hours I decided to give a try to the Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray (I feel like I've been comparing all my monthly favourites with other products I was using in the past..). Even if I wanted a more budget friendly option, there wasn't much on the market at the time. L'Oréal is indeed the first one at the drugstore to come out with their version. And honestly, it's as good as the high end ones. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Emma Stone at the Oscars inspired makeup look

Instead of doing another red carpet round up after Oscar night (I'm sure you've seen plenty of those) I thought I would get inspired by Emma Stone's beauty look from the big night to create a glamorous night out look! Here are the products I used!

My trusted NARS Sheer Glow foundation in the shade Deauville. I hadn't used this foundation for quite some time. For my everyday looks I've been option for the sheer and dewy finish of my Bourjois Healthy mix serum. But for a night out on the town chances are you'll want something with a bit more coverage. And for me, nothing does it better then Sheer Glow!

Rimmel Wake me up concealer : To add a bit of subtle brightness and conceal those dark circles (thanks to midterms) I opted for this much raved about drugstore option.

The BodyShop Honey bronzer : Even though Emma is pretty pale, she did have some warmth in her complexion, especially in the cheek area. 

Hourglass Ambiant Lighting blush in Dim Infusion : To complement the champaigny colours on the eyes (will get to that very soon) I opted for this gorgeous blush that adds just the perfect amount of coral flush to the cheeks!

Smashbox Full exposure eyeshadow palette : I kept it pretty simple on the eyes using the shade matte 4 all over the lid, shade matte 2 as a transition shade in the crease and packed on the shimmer shade 3, a delicate champaign glitter. 

Benefit Gimme Brow, Kate Von D tattoo liner in the shade trooper and Smashbox full exposure mascara : Not much to say on this front, this has been my go-to trio for brows and eyes. I pretty much never stray for it!

Lise Watier Baiser Velour in French Kiss : And the final touch, the oumf to the look is this amazing orangy red matte lip. Emma Stone's lip shade was a bit more orange and toned down but I wanted to make a punch and use my all addition (read full review here).

Let me know who was your favourite on the Oscars red carpet!

Monday, February 23, 2015

New In : Lise Watier Baisers Velours

I was so excited for those beauties to launch. I mean, they are everything I could ask for from a lip product : pigmented, comfortable, great colour selection and matte formula! I finally have to in my possession even thought I could have bought the entire range. But you know, at 27$ a piece, choices had to be made. I decided to go for 2 shades I don't have anything like in my collection : French Kiss which is a red with quite a strong orange undertone and Passion Kiss and deep raspberry shade. Honestly, chances are high that I'm not going to stop there and others will be bought (Nude Kiss is the next on my list). 

The Lise Watier team really has outdone themselves with this new launch. I mean, everything about the product is perfect. First, as for every other product of the line, I'm a fan of the clean metallic looking packaging. Luxurious without being over done. As for the product itself, I have only good things to say. It applies oh so smoothly on the lip only to transform itself into a comfortable matte finish. Oh and there's the colour payoff. One swipe and BAM. You instantly get an amazing pigmented result. All of that made easy by the doe foot applicator. Really, this is THE lip product to get right now. As you might know (because I talk about them over and over), I am a huge huge fan of the MAC lipsticks. But I just feel the addiction for the Baisers Velours coming. Fast. 

But the best thing about this launch has to be their add campaign on Youtube. I'll just let you watch, no explaining needs to be done : WATCH HERE.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Annabelle TwistUp retractable lip crayon review

Ok I feel a bit dumb saying it again but here I go : I am sold to MAC lipsticks. They are my favourites and I'm addicted. So it takes a great product for me to pick it up in the mornings instead of my beloved black bullet treasures. And I think I've found a pretty great budget option to share with you : the Annabelle TwistUp lip crayons*!

The format : I love that went for a smaller sized bullet. Usually lip crayons are quite chubby which can make the application tricky when it comes to brighter and bolder colour. Theses one make following your lip line super easy! No need for a lip pencil underneath to avoid the clownesque looking mouth.

The colour range : For a drugstore option, I am very impressed with the range they came out with (23 shades to choose from!!). You will find everything from pinky nudes, to bright pinks and deep reds and plums. Those lasts ones are particularly rare when it comes to budget friendly options (and my favourites). 

The finish : Not much to say here appart from the fact that they go on quite glossy only to mattify only a tiny bit throughout the day. I'm usually one to go for totally matte or creamy finishes but I did enjoy a bit of change!

The colour payoff : One thing for sure here is that it's not the same depending on the colours you go for. I've tried two light and two dark shades and as much as I was impressed with the latest, I wouldn't wear the first two on their own. They went on a bit too sheer and not evenly for me. But paired with a great lip pencil, they would definitely be a good summer option!

The amount you get : Last but not least, you definitely get a good bank for your buck here. I find that sometimes, drugstore brands will trick you with their chubby lip crayons by giving you only a small amount of product. Here you'll be able to get a lot of use out of your TwistUp!

Here are "on the lips" swatches of the four shades I got!

Annabelle TwistUp lip crayon in Absolute

Annabelle TwistUp lip crayon in Bubble

Annabelle TwistUp lip crayon in Cherry

Annabelle TwistUp lip crayon in Vamp

* These products were sent to me by the brand for review. Opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine (and honest).

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

First impression : Physician's Formula

After watching Tati's giant Physician's Formula haul I just couldn't stop myself from running to the drugstore and get my hands on some of the products. There have come out with so many new ones (exciting)! I went for the Nude Wear Touch of Glow foundation (in Light), the Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Bronzer and the Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil blush (in Rose). 

I haven't had them for very long and I thought I would share with you my first impression. First, I have to say, I'm in love with the packaging. Physician's Formula for me pretty much always nails it in this department. Even though it's drugstore makeup, it feels that much more luxurious because it's so nice looking.

As for the quality of the products itself I quite like the result I got from my first two uses. The name of the foundation describes it quite well in my opinion. It has a matte finish with a very slight glow. I would add that the shade selection is quite limited and for me even thought "Light" is not too light nor dark for me, it has too much of a pink undertone (I have olive skin). So you may not be able to find the perfect match.. As for the bronzer and blush, they are quite pigmented so I would go with a light hand at first and build it up for a more intense look. 

So far so good. But I have to talk about the smell. I know, I know, Tati warned us in her video but the smell is so intense and not in a good way!! The foundation is really not too but still has a slight paint smell that at least fades away quickly.. But the bronzer and blush though!! They have such a strong rich parfumy smell and the problem for me is that it lingers around... So if you can get over it, good for you, because I'm loving the products in their other aspects.

Finally, I wanted to say a word about the lasting power of the product. Good news here : my makeup was still looking on point at the end of the day! I was very impressed at how fresh my skin still looked and my cheeks still had a nice flush of colour! Thumbs up on that front!

Let me know if you have tried those products and how you've liked them!